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About AsBuilt

AsBuilt is a company conceived from suffering. No investors. No venture capitalists. Just engineers sick of bad information spoiling what could be great projects.

AsBuilt is an industry leader in high-quality data capture and deep post capture support for project managers, engineers, designers, operators and maintainers. From the simple dimensional capture project to iterative demolition and installation simulation, AsBuilt gets results.


Having worked on engineer-construct projects since 1996, the principals of the company have experienced hundreds of projects that suffered from bad asbuilt data leading to schedule delays, cost overrun, and unnecessary risk exposure. The relentless pursuit of accurate inputs led to the creation of AsBuilt.


Launched first external reality capture project for existing client


Started hosting scan data for clients in the cloud


Incorporated laser scan data into maintenance and ops functions


Optimized workflow for clash detection on external projects


Expanded to Pulp/Paper, Wood Products, and PetroChem


Collected 150,000th industrial scan


On track to collect over 100,000 scans in 2019!


Jason Schwartz


Jason has led heavy industrial design, engineering, construction, project management and sales teams for nearly 25 years. Recognizing that successful projects are built on robust foundations, especially accurate asbuilt drawings, he focused on creating an affordable way to capture reality in the heavy industrial setting.

Jason Adkins


Over the past 15 years Jason has been focused on pleasing customers and developing relationships. His real-world experience in commercial real estate, development, manufacturing, as well as light and heavy industries has kept him searching for the best way to serve customers.

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