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Eliminate risk, confusion, delays & cost overruns with cutting-edge 3D capture technology.

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Reduce Cost

Our technology and expertise eliminates rework, decreases production times and improves process performance, resulting in fewer design errors that typically originate from existing as builts.

Improve Schedules

AsBuilt’s efficiency lowers time in the field, improves remediation planning, decreases fabrication time, and solves equipment delays, all through on-screen visualization.

Minimize Risk

In addition to mitigating financial and schedule risk, we help your team visualize safety risks. Plan for remediation, ingress and egress of people, equipment and materials. Avoid 2D mistakes by using 3D visualization.



Where the magic begins. We capture and process valuable data that lowers your risk profile and brings your project to life safely and efficently.


Breathe life into your next project. Go on a 3D tour of your data. Rorate it, fly through it, section it. No matter how you use your data, let's showcase it effectively.


Show, don't tell. Articulate your plans, goals, and concerns in a format that everyone can understand 3D drawings.


“It would be impossible to complete the complex retrofit projects we have been assigned over the last two years without an accurate as-built. Simulating the heavy rigging with a laser scanned as-built provided a safer work environment and allowed us to stay on schedule.”

- JGE, Facility Owner

“We have started to retrofit very large manufacturing equipment originally installed in the 1950’s. With no drawings available for the last 60+ years of plant changes, laser scanning to create asbuilts was a no brainer for us. AsBuilt has been a supportive partner as we learn to incorporate laser scanning into our retrofit workflow."

- STB, Wood Products Industry

“I had one shot to replace some major tube sections in a boiler. The fabrication I received did not look acceptable for installation. We had every module laser scanned and check for deviation. While the fabrication ended up being correct, we have peace of mind before we started the project."

- JSP, Power Generation

Jason and his team were extremely professional and easy to work with. They talked through my project to make sure the final model they produced would be the most beneficial to my company. They worked quickly in the field collecting data and turned the model around to my team well within our requested schedule. They converted the formats of the model in ways my project’s different users required. It was obvious to me their goal is to work as a part of my projects' team and will put in any effort to make our project goals successful! The final model helped us to examine our plant’s existing equipment and best plan for the pieces we are replacing and how to fit them into the building.

KS, Hydro Generation

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