Published: March 8, 2021

AsBuilt for Management of Change – Piping

The Challenge:

A major power provider upgraded their wastewater piping at a power plant and needed to document the as-built conditions for their Management of Change process.  The challenge was to get precise drawings of the as-built piping to truly represent the field conditions.

The Solution:

AsBuilt utilized laser scanning to capture all piping and structural details after a pipe replacement project was complete.  The 3D scans  and 3D modeling were used to confirm the as built model matched the as designed drawings.  Redlines were provided to the engineering company for as-built revisions to be updated in the final drawing package.  No engineers were required to visit the site to confirm this information, which was a great cost savings for the engineering firm. 


  • Point Cloud
  • 3D Modeling
  • BIM Modeling