No drawings. No problem.

The world has moved to 3D. Have you?


Why 3D scanning?

In today’s landscape, working in 2D results in lost time and an increased risk of error. 3D capture provides detailed snapshots that allow us to create an assets digital twin, representing the true as-is condition.

Bottom line:
If you are not using 3D Reality Capture for your projects, you are behind the times.



We start by assessing your goals, discussing which data points are most important and prioritizing concerns. AsBuilt works with you to capture and process valuable data that lowers your risk profile and brings your project to life safely and efficiently.



Utilizing your preferred software — even a web browser — we take you on a 3D tour of your data. Rotate it, fly through it, section it. No matter how you use your data, we’re here to help you familiarize yourself with the process and showcase it effectively.



Articulate your plans, goals, and concerns in a format that everyone can understand. Get buy-in from project stakeholders. Using 3D drawings, resolve clash issues by finding the best solution among multiple engineering firms, vendors, and equipment suppliers.

Experience meets expertise

As trained retrofit engineers with years of experience, AsBuilt understands every nuance that injects risk into your project. We have helped thousands of companies lead and complete successful projects in heavy industry.

  • Power Generation

    We have captured and modeled nearly every aspect of power generation. Whether we’re handling fuel unloading to the transmission yard or from the water treatment facility to the penthouse in a boiler, no single company has more done reality capture in power generation than AsBuilt.

  • Pulp and Paper

    From on-premise cogen steam production to product rail loadout, AsBuilt has captured 10,000+ scans in the wood products and pulp and paper industry.

  • Bulk Materials

    AsBuilt was founded on bulk material handling engineering. Our team has been completing projects in this industry for more than 20 years, and over the past decade, all of our projects in this industry have been built exclusively using reality capture.

  • Manufacturing

    Our team has scanned, modeled and provided visualization and project support for countless projects within the manufacturing industry. Whether it’s building materials, food products, beverage or plastics, AsBuilt executes each project using precise measurements and accurate data.

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